Saturday, February 27, 2021

Compendium of blog contents

Between feeling like something’s kind of “gone out of me” after having written that last entry, and having been migrating my energies gradually toward other projects over the last eight months or so already, this seems like as good a time as any to put this blog on hiatus.  It’s not that I absolutely won’t ever write on here again, but with other things competing with my time and energy, maintaining a regular schedule of entries on this blog is no longer something I’m feeling inclined toward.

Below is a table-of-contents for all noteworthy contents of the blog thus-far.  This includes all entries that I’m planning to leave up indefinitely, vs. omits a few which, for various personal reasons, I may be deleting or making private in the next while.

On my own beliefs and practice:

On esoteric practices in Satanism more generally:

On belief in “dark” spiritual realities:

On certain developments in contemporary politics being “against my religion”:

Assorted more-personal entries:

I’ll close by saying that if any readers have found food for thought in the things I’ve been writing here, I’m glad to hear it and appreciate the willingness to reflect upon the things I bring forward.  

I hope to see continuing trends of open-minded and constructive engagement in connection with my future pursuits.