Saturday, March 21, 2020

Ritual magic for bored self-isolators with no occult experience

I was just starting to dredge up some time to write something on here before everything went crazy with the pandemic and I suddenly had 10x extra work.  But since I’ve currently got it down to a much more manageable 9x extra work (ha, ha, ha…), I’d like to take some time here to fulfill a favor to a close friend who has asked me if I could provide more detail about how to do ritual workings.

What follows are instructions on how to do a banishing ritual.  This is a good kind of ritual to “practice” with because it’s meant to reset and refresh, and hence if one was so inclined, one could probably do it every day and get some benefit out of it - especially now, perhaps? I had mentioned previously in my entry about Satanic ritual practice that this kind of ritual is handy for people who struggle with “work coming home with me” or with separating themselves from negativity on social media.  Please note though that this is not to make any kind of objective/scientifically-researchable claims about benefits - subjectively, you might feel better after is all I’m saying.

This entry is divided into the following subsections:

I advise reading it to the end before attempting anything.

* * *